One Eye Roll

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One Eye Roll

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:57 am

A Junior High School volleyball player is taking instruction from a coach. At this stage of her life, most of the coaching is about the fundamentals of the game. She's athletic and likes the game of volleyball, as she does other sports.
And like most kids her age, the student thinks she knows enough about the sport and thinks practice as boring.
Her Coach tells her to turn to the left on a certain play. She turns to the right.
This sets off a chain reaction.
Disappointed in the child, the Coach allows a rolling of the eyes.
The kid sees the rolling of the eyes.
The parent, attending practice, sees the rolling of the eyes.
The next day, the Coach sees a note.
It states, "Jenny was hurt, as was I, in your rolling of the eyes at practice. She has hurt feelings, as do I. She will not be attending practice today or tomorrow."
This is a true story.

When will the wussification of America stop? Is wussification on such an avalancial (yes, I made up that word, but it should be a word!) ride that it cannot be stopped?
I had a coach that told me if I were going to play like a girl that I should go home and try out my sister's skirts. My Mother was in the bleachers....and laughed.
A rolling of the eyes is part of coaching. It tells the player that they are not doing their work satisfactory.
Telling a boy that he should wear a skirt is motivation. Nowadays, I'm sure there would be insinuations about cross-dressing and that certain coach's sexual likes. Talk about an eye roll!
It's stupid.

Little Billy's and little Jenny's are being sheltered by parents who can't bear the thought of their little Billy or little Jenny being told that they're doing something wrong.
Let them fail and let them learn from the failure.
It's a life lesson!
I fail every day. Anybody that has seen one of my fantasy teams would know that.
After all, I can't tell league mates that I quit for two days because everybody rolled their eyes at my team....even though they probably do (and should!).

The kid should have rolled eyes at herself. We should realize our own mistakes, not deny them.
But, she can't be blamed. Maturity comes with age.
The parents have no such excuse.
They enabled the child's behavior by writing a note excusing missed practices.
Instead of telling her to buck up and motivate her, they give in to Little Jenny's wishes.
Instead of telling little Jenny that listening to her Coach would make her a better player, they make her a worse player by letting her think the Coach's actions were wrong, not her or theirs.
In my day, the Coach would have seen Little Jenny in school and told her that her presence was no longer required AT ALL.
But now, every child plays.
And that, gets an eye roll from me.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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