A Boy Hit a Girl

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A Boy Hit a Girl

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:18 pm

As boy's, one of the first things that is instilled into us as a group, is to never hit a girl.
It's good rule.
Boys are stronger than girls.
And remain so for life.
In elementary school, I knew a kid named Rick Culver.
He would hit girls and bully boys. He'd get in trouble for his actions. But penalties served, he went back to being Rick the bully.

My best friend in third grade was Jimmy Jordan. Jimmy was both the smallest and fastest kid in our class. I knew this because I was the second fastest kid in our class and Jimmy never let me forget it.
On the playground, I saw Jimmy having words with Rick the bully. I knew it wasn't good. When Rick the bully starts pointing fingers, it was usually to threaten.
When I came over, both boys were glaring, but were done with the words.
I asked Jimmy what happened.
"He hit my girlfriend! I told him to quit it. Now, we're going to fight after school."
Shocked, I said, "You can't fight Rick Culver! He's twice as big as you!
"I have to!" "He hit my girlfriend!"

There was a place we went to for after school fights. An alley close to the school. Far enough from adults and enough room for a fight and audience.
Walking to the alley, I told Jimmy that he didn't have to do this....Even though I knew he did. I'd do the same. And even though I knew that Rick Culver would probably put me on my back too, there was something in me that wanted to fight this guy.
We arrived at the alley and Culver was waiting for Jimmy.
"Hey, you didn't chicken out!"
Jimmy replied, "Nope".

In third grade, speed is negated by size. It didn't matter how quick Jimmy was. Culver grabbed him and threw him to the ground, then sat on his body while throwing punches.
Jimmy's nose was bloody. In third grade, this is the sign that the fight was over. Culver didn't stop.
I couldn't watch anymore. I told Culver to get off him.
He laughed and said, "Who's gonna make me!"
I didn't answer. I hit him in the nose. It was the first time I had ever hit ANYBODY.
I wanted to run. But didn't.
Holding his nose, he got off Jimmy and walked towards me.
He hit me above the eye and two thoughts came to mind.
First...I'VE BEEN HIT!
Second...Hey, it didn't hurt that much!
I waved back into the fight throwing third grade level punches, I'm sure. But they worked, and soon I made Culver 'give'.
I told him to say 'sorry' to Jimmy and made him promise not to hit girls.
He did.
Rick the bully moved from our school shortly after the fight.
I couldn't say whether he continued his bullying ways. But nobody missed him as far as I could tell.

This story is recollected because of something read today on the NFFC Boards.
A fellow there thought that Ray Rice serving two games, marrying the woman, and EVEN going to classes was enough to atone for 'one mistake'.
That is not one mistake!
It's a lifelong rule.
It's the rule right above 'don't run with scissors' and the one below 'Make sure you're home before dark.'
It's a MOM'S RULE.
And boys don't break Mom's Rules.

This fella may have Ray Rice on his fantasy team.
I hope so. At least then, selfishness would rule stupidity.
Ray Rice hit a girl.
And worse than Rick the bully, Rice did it as an adult.
He has no excuse.
Even though others are making some excuses for him.

Now, we have legal terms that hide it.
Family dispute, assault, domestic abuse.
But, we all know.
Breaking the law is one thing, breaking Momma's rules is another.
Boys do not hit girls.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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