1 Spot Left: NFBC Platinum League March 27th, 4 pm PT

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1 Spot Left: NFBC Platinum League March 27th, 4 pm PT

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:55 am

After a one-year hiatus due to Covid-19, we are looking forward to hosting live events again in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. Let's hope the country tackles this beast before then and that everything improves on the health front.

The plan is to host our NFBC Platinum League on Saturday, March 27th at 4 pm PT at the Bellagio. I've reached out to our participants from 2019 and those who signed up in 2020 to give them first dibs on this year's spots. We got a great response from those participants and should be able to fill this league shortly. Great job everyone. This one has a $15,000 grand prize, pays down four spots within the league and first place will earn $120,000. Most of the owners will be live with us in Las Vegas, but owners could make their picks Online if needed. We can mix in owners that way if needed.

Here's the contest rules and Registration:


We also have the NFBC Diamond League on Sunday, March 28th at 4 pm PT at the Bellagio and that one should also sell out soon. Again, I've reached out to the 2019 participants and to those signed up for the Diamond League in 2020 and we'll give those owners first dibs on this league. This one has a $10,000 grand prize, pays the Top 4 in the league and awards $75,000 to the league champ. Here's the contest rules and Registration:


Thanks everyone for the great support once again and I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas for what should be an epic NFBC reunion. I think we all look forward to human interaction once again. See you there.

Here's the current signup lists for these two great high-stakes private leagues:

Las Vegas - Bellagio
Sunday, March 28, 4 pm PT
1. John Thompson
2. Lawrence Schechter
3. Matthew Shepherd
4. JimJ Ferrari
5. Bill Phipps
6. Scott Fleming
7. Jon Stadtmueller
8. Joe Berg
9. Brian Slack
10. Ken O'Brien
11. Rob Silver
12. doug moe
13. kc cha
14. Leonard Ringle

Las Vegas - Bellagio
Saturday, March 27, 4 pm PT
1. Jason Duponte
2. John Thompson
3. Andy Robinson
4. Lawrence Schechter
5. Joseph Martens
6. Paul Jager
7. Glenn Schroter
8. JimJ Ferrari
9. Bill Phipps
10. Jon Stadtmueller
11. Rob Silver
12. doug moe
13. kc cha
14. Alan Mitchell
15. Glenn Lowy (tentative)
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