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Friendly web/mobile suggestions

Post by Chthroop » Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:18 pm

I have been using both the web and mobile app quite a bit. A few improvement ideas:

1. Add back the “bid” button from a players profile page. I would actually add 2 icons: 1. Which creates a new bid and 2. Its adds the player to an existing bid thread. In this case, once you press the button the screen shows you your list of active bids and you select which one you want

2. On the filters screen in free agents. Have a “search” or “filter” button. Pressing the X button is counter intuitive

3. Have the ability to copy threads between all your teams. This has been a request for many years and frankly the over head of managing multiple team free agent bids is something that keeps me from drafting more teams. How it would work:

A. You go to your list of bids. There is a special copy button. When you hit it, you get a list of all your teams with a check box filled in. If you don’t want to copy to that team, you can deselect that team. Then you press copy

B. If a bud on player is not available in the league then the bid isn’t copied over. The next bid is copied. If none of the players in the bid chain aren’t in the league, nothing is copied over

C. The “drop player” is always left blank and must be filled in manually. This avoids players inadvertently dropping a player they didn’t realize

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