NFBC Site Is Live For The 2022 Season -- Season 19!!

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NFBC Site Is Live For The 2022 Season -- Season 19!!

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Thu Nov 04, 2021 8:45 am

We're getting better at this, and FASTER too!!! :lol:

We paid all of our NFBC Post-Season Contest winners yesterday afternoon, so it's time to move on to 2022. This morning we rolled the site over to the next season -- amazingly the 19th season of the NFBC. Or as Tom would say, NFBC XIX. ;)

That's right, today we're happy to announce that the NFBC site is LIVE for the 2022 season. You can now begin signing up for any NFBC contest for the upcoming season, and trust me, signups are coming in strong already. I'll create the signup lists shortly so that you can see what contests we have in each city and where the next available drafts are. NFBC $150 Draft Champions leagues will begin today and you can sign up for all of our leagues, including Live Events in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. You can sign up now to secure your spots for any of the live events (including Main Event or private league high-stakes Online leagues) and we won't charge you until February 15th.

We have EIGHT national contests in 2022, including two with record prizes. The Main Event returns for a 19th straight season with a record $175,000 grand prize and the Rotowire Online Championship also returns with a record $150,000 grand prize. Both are up $25,000 from last year as we finished with record totals of 645 teams in the Main Event and 2,388 teams in the Rotowire Online Championship. We are projecting even higher totals for both contests in 2022.

We also will be returning with the NFBC Diamond Challenge Roto and Points contests in 2022. This contest has been around since 1992 as the CDM Diamond Challenge, and last year we made a major change by having one set entry fee with no transaction fees. The response was less than we expected, but we are back to try it again and will have a $30,000 grand prize for the Roto Challenge and a $15,000 grand prize for the Points Challenge. Let's grow both of them this year and keep this great contest alive and well.

We're also happy to bring back the industry's only Online Auction Championship as this one was a big success last year. We are so excited about this format and our software that we have increased the grand prize to $7,000, up from $5,000 last year. Let's keep adding leagues and growing this contest this year and for years to come.

Here's a look at all of our national contests. To find each one, go to Baseball in the green navigational bar and pull down to Lobby. Then go to the white navigational bar and click on Contest Overview. Click on More Info for the Rules link for any of those contests. Thanks for joining us for another terrific baseball season in 2022 and good luck in all of your upcoming drafts.

MAIN EVENT $175,000 Grand Prize (up from $150,000 last year)

ROTOWIRE ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP $150,000 Grand Prize (up from $125,000 last year)




ONLINE AUCTION CHAMPIONSHIP $7,000 Grand Prize (up from $5,000 last year)



Here's the Contest Overview link to find any NFBC contest:
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