NFBC Guarantees Entry Fees Due To MLB Lockout

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NFBC Guarantees Entry Fees Due To MLB Lockout

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Sat Dec 04, 2021 10:21 am

Major League Baseball's owners locked out the players on Wednesday after the two sides failed to come to an agreement for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is baseball's first work stoppage since the disastrous 1994 strike, but it's ninth work stoppage in history.

This work stoppage could take some time this off-season to resolve as it won't affect the players until they start losing paychecks during the regular season. It's quite possible that negotiations lag until February when both sides get serious about starting the season on time. Look for both sides to try to get a deal done in time to start spring training in late February, guaranteeing that the regular season isn't affected.

However, those of us in the fantasy baseball community know that when it comes to labor negotiations between the two sides, nothing can be assumed. The two sides killed the 1994 season, ended it without a World Series and even carried it into the first month of the 1995 season, so dumber things have been done before. And knowing that, it's likely that some of our NFBC players will hold out on preparing for the season until they know a season is guaranteed.

We understand that. We feel your pain. Heck, we feel our own pain with this stupidity.

So let's come to an agreement right now, okay? We'll guarantee your entry fees for 2022 if the MLB's regular season is fewer than 100 games. That would mean that the season would likely start after Memorial Day, which seems preposterous. But here's the guarantee:

** Due to MLB's lockout, the NFBC will guarantee to refund all entry fees if the MLB lockout results in a 2022 regular season schedule with fewer than 100 games. We will continue to monitor the status of the upcoming season and if/when it becomes clear that there either won't be a season or that there will be a significantly shortened season, at that point we will cancel all contests and refund all entries paid for prior to that point. In the event that an agreement is reached for a scheduled season of fewer than 100 games, we'll create new "Sprint" contests for the shortened season at that time and take new entries.

This is for ALL NFBC contests in 2022: FAAB and non-FAAB contests. National contests and even private leagues. 100% money back guaranteed if this stupidity costs us almost 40 percent of the regular season. It's just not going to last that long or anywhere near that long, but if for some reason it did we will cancel all contests, refund everyone 100% and create new contests if a shortened season is scheduled. Or at that point, we'll all agree to punish MLB by walking away for a year...or more. I can't imagine baseball being this dumb in this fight, so let's plan for a full season.

And your part of the agreement is to have the same hope that we have. Let's keep drafting and competing during the lockout, okay?

The live events are going to take place as scheduled because, again, we feel strongly that a resolution will be finalized by mid-March and the season will start on time. We are not going to change the dates of the live drafts because it would be impossible at that time if things aren't resolved to move to whatever start date would then be determined. We'd be chasing an imaginary date and it's impossible to do that with hotel contracts. Instead, I'm more than confident that we'll have an Opening Day start time by the time live events are scheduled. They wouldn't be so dumb as to blow up the whole sport, would they? :shock:

We have decided NOT to adjust the guaranteed prizes to our eight NFBC national contests. Everything is staying the same despite the lockout. We are still bullish on the upcoming season and we are still planning for a record year. Thanks everyone and enjoy the drafting season. Baseball will be back and we've got your back until then.
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