Who Is Leading The NFBC After Week 21?

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Who Is Leading The NFBC After Week 21?

Post by Tom Kessenich » Mon Aug 29, 2022 7:24 am

Here are the leaders in our national contests:

Main Event
Robert Cramutola (6,326.5 points)

RotoWire Online Championship
Bill Strickler (21,590.5 points)

Best Ball Cutline
Bryan Bevis (2,108.7 points)

Draft Champions
Tom O'Bryan (43,259.5 points)

Auction Championship
Steven Cozzolino (1,107.5 points)

Online Auction Championship
Mike Rothe (5,914 points)

Diamond Challenge Roto
Russ Anno (4,622 points)

Diamond Challenge Roto 2nd Season
Jody Boyd (1,299 points)

Diamond Challenge Points
Bob Catsiroumpas (12,398.65 points)

Diamond Challenge Points 2nd Season
Robert Wilson (5,376.03 points)

Lucas Conley (29,463.5 points)
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