Win $10,000 In The Debut 2023 NFBC Best Ball Championship

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Win $10,000 In The Debut 2023 NFBC Best Ball Championship

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Wed Nov 09, 2022 10:19 am

So the NFBC is the only place that runs a national Best Ball Championship, but we call the NFBC Cutline Championship a hybrid best ball contest because we offer two Free Agent periods per year. It also has a survivor-style playoff format that starts at the All-Star Break, eliminating half of the teams in that contest at that point.

So while it is a Best Ball National Championship, it's really not a draft-and-be-done best ball contest. We did offer that in our Best Ball 12s leagues last year as it was complete best ball scoring for 27 weeks with no FAAB, no Set Lineup demands or anything else. It was draft and be done, but each league was private and all of the prize money stayed within the league.

We filled 47 of those leagues last year, so we saw that the demand was there and we decided to address it.

As a result, we are offering the first national championship for this format called The NFBC Best Ball Championship. These will be 12-team leagues at $150 per team and we'll pay the top two teams in each league ($600, $300), while guaranteeing a $10,000 grand prize in the overall competition. We'll pay the Top 15 teams in the overall championship.

Prizes are based on 47 leagues and we will no longer offer private Best Ball 12s. This format is now available only in the national championship format. We do have Best Ball Double Ups, which are private leagues, so check out that format if you like best ball leagues with only league prizes.

We are currently offering 4-Hour, 2-Hour and 1-Hour drafts and will have nightly drafts at 1 minute per pick in February and March. We believe the demand is there to grow this contest in future years, but we are starting small for now and hoping that this contest and the Cutline Best Ball National Championship can both survive and grow. This one is different in that it has 12-team leagues and no FAAB, so we think there is something for everyone here.

Anyway, check out the contest link and rules here:;1643

Here's the prize structures:

NFBC Best Ball National Championship
League Prizes
1 - $600
2 - $300

Overall Prizes:
1 - $10,000
2 - $2,500
3 - $2,000
4 - $1,500
5 - $1,250
6 - $1,200
7 - $1,000
8 - $750
9 - $500
10 - $400
11 - $350
12 - $300
13 - $250
14 - $200
15 - $150

We are excited about offering yet another national championship in the NFBC and we think this contest can grow through the years. We look forward to offering an even bigger grand prize in future years. Thanks for proving to us that this format has a future in baseball and let's grow this the way the football best ball market has grown. Thanks all and good luck.
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