Need 1-Slow Auction Dynasty League

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Need 1-Slow Auction Dynasty League

Post by Gweed9094 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:59 pm

The league (5x5) has been around for over 20 years, the current group consists of 11 owners and I, as commissioner are looking for a 12th guy. I run the league on CBS and the majority of the owners are local. We do however have 4 guys who either travel or connect via the internet to attend the draft. It is a auction league, but instead of everyone yelling out prices, we go around the table in order and each owner is allowed to increase the bid if they are staying in a players auction. This allows the guys not in the room to still have a fair chance at bidding.

The draft will be held on Saturday April 4th, starting at 1230pm. Location for live draft is Cortland, NY. The draft typically takes 4-5 hours. Fee is $150.

The new owner has the choice of the existing open roster with the players whose contracts are still current. The other option is to scrap the entire roster, and draft an entirely new team. We have a $260 cap on draft day that will increase to $340 after the draft. We allow 15 free transactions a month for all adds not involving DL players. After 15 moves, the cost per add is $2. All transaction money goes into the pool pot. Money is paid for each category winner ($25) and the top 5 slots.

Additional comments - players drafted in the previous year will be classified as "B" contract players. Players drafted in 2015 will be assigned "A" contract status. If the new owner chooses to hold players from earlier drafts, there is a increase in salary of $5 for every year you wish to keep the player.

If you are interested or like additional information/copy of constitution, please contact me.

[email protected]

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