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2021's Danny Santana

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:10 pm
by ChipChopChip
I fell for Danny Santana in some drafts last year after he put up this stat line in 2019 .283 28 81 81 and 21 stolen bases.I think he went around the 9th round and those stats looked like a value at that point in the draft. Looking back I knew he had not put up those kind of numbers in previous years. I have participated in 4 drafts so far this off season and am not wanting to repeat this same mistake for the 2021 season. Dylan Moore is one of the guys I am going to stay away from at the current price. He is going in the 8th-9th round so far and put up a .255 8 26 17 and 12 stolen bases in 2020. I would guess he will underperform when compared to other players going in this area of the draft.