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Win A FREE 2022 NFBC Main Event Entry In $50 DCs

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:49 pm
by Greg Ambrosius
A few years ago we introduced the NFBC $50s Draft Champions Leagues as an introduction price point for new users. The idea was to offer a lower price point for people to try out our popular draft 'n hold format and to do so at the 12-team league level. It has continued to grow in popularity and last year we had over 2,200 teams playing in the NFBC $50s.

Until this year, we offered only league prizes in that format. This year, we will continue to make these private leagues, but we'll also combine all teams into an overall contest and pay the Top 3 finishers with FREE 2021 entries. The Top 3 teams will earn:

1st Place Overall - FREE 2022 NFBC Main Event entry (value of $1,700)
2nd Place Overall - FREE 2022 NFBC Solo Shot entry (value of $1,000)
3rd Place Overall - FREE 2022 Rotowire Online Championship entry (value of $350)

For more details on this contest, go here:

We pay the Top 2 finishers in each league: 1st place = $400 and 2nd place = $100.

These are 12-team, 50-round drafts that take place nightly after the first of the year and in 4-hour and 2-hour formats. These are 5x5 Roto scoring leagues and there are no Free Agent pickups during the season. What you draft is what you have for the rest of the season.

Enjoy the format and enjoy the additional overall prizes and Live Overall Standings. That should add value to the $50 price point.

Re: Win A FREE 2022 NFBC Main Event Entry In $50 DCs

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:29 am
by Greg Ambrosius
We sold out two more NFBC $50 Draft Champions Leagues yesterday and now have 40 full leagues so far. Remember that these are private leagues with all of the prize money going into the league, but this year we are also offering an overall format where the top team will earn a FREE 2022 Main Event entry. Not a bad add-on to this great format at a $50 price point. Enjoy and good luck.