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SOLD OUT: NFBC $50 1-Hour Draft Champions League 1

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2021 9:28 am
by Greg Ambrosius
SOLD OUT: It's great to see that on the first day that we opened the site that we sold out an NFBC $50 1-Hour Draft Champions League. This one started 30 minutes after it filled and is already well underway. Thanks all and best of luck in the battle for the $400 league prize.

Here's the final lineup card:

NFBC $50 1-Hour Draft Champions League 1
Starts 30 Minutes After League Fills:
1. Steven Petrar
2. Francisco Maldonado
3. Dan Mackey
4. Ryan Beck
6. Ben Novak
7. Ryan Gray
9. Ellis Canady
10. Brian Sciacca
11. Charles Holleman
12. Henry Williams