Owners- 30 Integrity- 0

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Owners- 30 Integrity- 0

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:58 pm

Baseball owners are rich.
These fella have made zillions of dollars. Zillions.
They can make more in one day on the interest of their money than we can make at our jobs for a year.
Now, they can't lend a minor leaguer a hundred bucks. Wow.
Their answer is to discard them or not pay them at all as in the Oakland A's case or shame them into paying them $400 as in the Nationals case.
This coming after the owners sent the players a totally laughable offer to play baseball.
Remember, these guys made ZILLIONS of dollars and AND they have smart lawyers.
Well... not that smart.... Not one of these smart lawyers have told them how boneheaded the owners look to the public.

The owners make the news every day.
Bad offers....
Cutting minor leaguers from their jobs...
Cutting salaries...

And now, get this....
The owners want to play less games than the players, themselves, want to play. WHAT?
For years, owners have been steadfast for 154 and 162 games.
The reason?
The more games, the more money.
Now that there won't be any fans paying to see regular season games, the owners want less games.
The reason?
No fans. No money.
They want to get right into the playoffs.
THAT is where the money is from tv. Fans coming to the park or not.
Hockey is doing it.
Basketball will probably do it.
They don't look as bad since their seasons had already started.
Follow the money.

There's a problem with this greed that even the players, who know a little a little something about greed themselves, can't tolerate.
The integrity of the game.
50-60 regular season games?
After saying 120 and then 82.
That is a bad trend, my friends.
Especially for us playing fantasy baseball.
50-60 games is not a regular season. It's a warm-up for the playoffs.
50-60 games is not a regular season. It only serves to line the pockets of owners.
50-60 games is not a regular season. There's nothing 'regular' about it.

The owners are putting themselves in front of the game of baseball.
The rich history of the game, secondary.
Owners first. The game second.
When that happens, NOBODY wins.
Usually when there is a conflict between owners and players, baseball fans take sides.
Not now.
The players seem to be genuine.
The owners, coming off like Mr Potter in "Its A Wonderful Life".
And without baseball, we are George Bailey.
We feel like throwing ourselves off a bridge.
To solve the problem, we need Clarence.
An Angel of baseball mercy.
So far, nobody has seen him.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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