It's a Love/Hate Thing

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It's a Love/Hate Thing

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:46 am

A few things that are loved/hated about fantasy baseball and the NFBC....

I hate the software in these Message Boards.
For a service that caters to our every fantasy need, these Boards are the opposite.
A dropped ball.
While everything else has improved in the NFBC, these Boards have gotten worse.
Best game in the industry, worst Message Boards.
And a major reason why these Boards are so 'dead'.

I hate 4 and 2/3 innings.
Everybody in fantasy baseball knows the meaning of '4 2/3'.
Especially when it is our pitcher throwing.
More especially, when he has the lead.
And to a similar point...
It is amazing how much better our pitcher looks with a 6 IP, 4 ER line, when his team is ahead 8-4, rather than behind 4-1.

I hate the way the Pittsburgh Pirates have treated Nick Kingham.
He pitches well, they send him to the Minors.
He pitches like crap, they keep him up.
What's he supposed to do?
By the way, is there another small market team that has had less said about their farm system than the Pirates?
A very dull organization and team on a yearly basis.

I love Paul Goldschmidt.
I don't own him, but love him for not whining or 'being a thing' when slumping so badly.
Now, it is the same when he is dominating every pitcher throwing against him.
He is a 'Just the facts, Ma'am' kinda player.
BUT, he will drop in drafts next year.
The lure for Goldy was his legs and opportunism in stealing bases.

I love that Andrew Benintendi has taken that opportunity and run with it. Pun intended.
He is among the leaders in stolen bases.
He shouldn't be, but he is.
Will that carry over to next year?
This year's owners don't care.

I hate projectionists who say, "I need to adjust my projection" on a player.
This is a politicians way of saying that he was wrong on a player before.
And if he was wrong on that player before, why should we follow his newer projection?
The truth is, projections are educated guesses that we in the NFBC can make as well as anybody 'in the industry'.

I hate deadline trade talk without any action.
It is like the off season when there is a lot of blah blah blah, but nothing happens
We have four more weeks of guesses from writers.
And like the off season, few guesses will be correct.

I hate the way in which baseball has changed.
10 years ago, .264 was the average batting average.
Now, it is .245
The shift has played a major part in this.
Instead of adjusting swings to go the other way, swings have been adjusted to go over the shift.
This produces a few more homers and a lot more outs.
It's easier for hitters to adjust to a Ruthian swing than a Keelerish adaptation.
It also makes them more money. THAT,is King.
.218, Bryce? That's ok, here is half a billion dollars for 10 years more.
Every generation has a Dave Kingman.
A Rob Deer.
A Adam Dunn.
A Joey Gallo.
Previously, every generation had a Rod Carew.
A George Brett.
A Tony Gwynn.
A Wade Boggs.
An Ichiro.
Not this one.
We are without.
We don't have a spray hitter who perennially hits for a higher average than most.
Just when we needed him most.

I hate the All-Star break.

I love the Friday after the All-Star break.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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