Love/Hate or the Fine Whine/Wine of Gallo

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Love/Hate or the Fine Whine/Wine of Gallo

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:24 am

10 things to hate about Joey Gallo

1. Of 157 qualified batters, Gallo is 156th in batting average.

2. Only one player (Yoan Moncada), has struck out more than Joey Gallo.

3. He has 187 career hits. Only 70 singles.

4. When batting with an 0-2 count this year, Gallo is 0-43....really, he is.

5. .083 on any count with two strikes.

6. Gallo has hit above the fifth spot in the lineup just 46 times this year.

7. Gallo is a better hitter at home, batting .227
The problem being that he is better at home and batting .227

8. Vs any southpaw, Gallo has almost a 50 percent chance (47-101) of striking out.

9. Gallo's best month of batting avg (August of 2017) did not reach .250 (.246)

10. There is almost a 50 per cent chance (207-420) that Joey Gallo will not hit the ball in any given at bat

Bonus- Gallo has played 105 games. He has NOT struck out in 25 of those games,

10 things to love about Joey Gallo

1. Only four players in baseball have more homers

2. Gallo has more RBI (65) than Mike Trout (60)

3. Gallo spots fellow Joey, Votto, almost 100 points in batting average and still beats him in every other roto category.

4. The three true outcome power categories are Runs/HR/RBI
Machado - 54/26/70
Gallo....- 59/29/65

5. Gallo has 187 career hits. 117 for extra bases.

6. Despite hitting above the fifth spot seldom, Gallo has scored more runs (59)than leadoff hitters Dee Gordon (49) and Whit Merrifield (53).

7. In 101 at bats vs. lefties, Gallo has hit 10 home runs.

8. In August of last year, Gallo hit 11 homers and even batted a career high, .246 for the month.
Gallo has three homers in his first three days of this August.
If getting a hit today, it would match his longest hitting 'streak' of the year, four games.

9. Since June 1, Gallo only has 26 hits. However, 14 were home runs.

10. Hitting third, Jose Altuve has almost twice as many hits (134) as Gallo (70).
Yet, Altuve's R/RBI (64/46) are pedestrian to Gallo (59/65)

Bonus- Sometimes a batter is known for failures (Avg, Strike Outs) more so than successes....
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