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Stuff and Junk

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:46 am

Some Stuff and thoughts about the early going.....

There was a subject on the 'Main' subject of the Boards during drafting season about the helium some players were receiving in drafts.
Funny thing about helium, it disappears.
Corbin Burnes owners suffered as Burnes threw pitch after pitch trying to find his spots.
Vince Velasquez was, well, Vince Velasquez. Velasquez is capable of throwing a ho-hitter. But, it's more likely that his starts will not help NFBC players.
Julio Urias had one of the juiciest matchups of the week. The Giants at home. His stats weren't bad, but owners had to be expecting more than the nibbling Urias gave them.
Moral of the story?
Ever wonder what happens to helium filled balloons as they go out of sight?
I'll tell you, like they're helium filled pitching counterparts....... they blow up.

I missed the fans.
After five minutes, the cardboard cutouts went from amusement to just card board cutouts.

As the A's waited at home plate while Matt Olson rounded the bases in his game winning home run trot, I wondered where the social distancing was.
Watching many games this week, I thought the players half-assed the virus protocols.
There was a lot of contact and face to face conversations caught in dugouts.
Not being political here. Just looking at it through our angle.
Even though this is a 60 game 'sprint'.... I believe more than ever, that this year will be one of attrition on our rosters than any year before.
There will be many, many more absences to come.

Already, five percent of the season is done.
That went quick, right?

I loved some of the performances by 'non-NFBC liked' pitchers.
I'm talking about pitchers that don't rack up strikeouts.
Kyle Hendricks, Dallas Keuchel, and Adam Wainwright looked awesome.
Fireballing Berrios, Giolito, and Yu Darvish did not.

From his Fantasy owners.....
Keep doing what you're doing Nellie....Just don't get caught!

I received dozens of communications about how well Joey Votto opened the season. Thanks...
Good for Votto.
At home against the Tigers crappy pitching, really he should have done well.
I was telling friends the other day that this is the first year I can't jump on Votto.
His walks, with a bolstered Reds lineup are needed.
No longer the star or stud, his walks are now perfect for the Reds.

Besides Tommy Pham, the stolen base seemed to be almost forgotten by most players.

How smart are we when it comes to baseball?
Not very.
Ronald Acuna is the best fantasy player in baseball according to our ADP.
Acuna should lead in good categories like Home Runs or Stolen Bases.
Instead, Acuna has struck out more than any other player.
In 15 at bats, Acuna whiffed eight times.
Another top player we selected was Christian Yelich.
He had one much ballyhood hit over the weekend.
It was his only one.
1 for 13 is not what we paid top dollar for.

Ryan McMahon suffered through an even worst weekend.
10 at bats, zero hits, seven K's.

As a fantasy owner, strike outs by my hitters do not bother me.
I am serious when saying this, I would rather have my player going all out to hit and strike out rather than looking for a walk.
You know this because of how I believe Votto 'wasted' many years of not hitting.
With that lead in, do you know who has the most BB in baseball?
Well, I'll tell you.
It's Rhys Hoskins.
Hoskins walked seven times.
His fantasy owners received this line....250/2/0/0/0....woo hoo

In the meantime, Kyle Lewis struck out six times in his 11 at bats....think his owners care?
Jose Ramirez had 12 at bats. Five hits, five strike outs....I'll take it!

Trevor Story, Manny Machado, and Miguel Rojas were the only players to have both a Home Run and Stolen Base over the weekend.

If having Kyle Hendricks and Nelson Cruz on your rosters, you had the opening weekend's MVP's for the NFBC.

Here are the players who gave owners NOTHING over the weekend, .000/0/0/0/0 (five at bats or more)

Hunter Pence
Andrew McCutchen
Gary Sanchez
Brett Gardner
Jarrod Dyson
Robinson Chirinos
Eugenio Suarez
Nicky Delmonico
Jeimer Candelario
Daniel Vogelbach
Raimel Tapia
Willy Calhoun
Christin Stewart
Guillermo Heredia
Sam Hilliard
Joe McCarthy
Bryan Reynolds

I believe that Khris Davis is swinging like Chris Davis.
Your welcome Khrush owners, now he'll have a huge week....

Dylan Bundy owners should be happy....damned happy.
Maybe, finally, the hype comes true?

Same for you Garrett Richards?

And Tyjer Chatwood owners have to be happy too...

MAN, it is nice having baseball back!....
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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