Rewarding SP For a Job Well Done

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Rewarding SP For a Job Well Done

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Thu Nov 05, 2020 9:43 am

As NFBC players, we pride ourselves in being the best fantasy players anywhere.
And we are.
Still, we can improve.
We think we are proactive when it comes to players. Are we?
Or do we reward players, especially Starters, too much for a job well done (be it for two months of work) and push them up exorbitantly.....Let's look at some examples

Shane Bieber is a first round pick. Bieber won folks a lot of leagues after being drafted in the second and third rounds last year.
We reward this by moving him up to the first round.
This is reactionary, right? Drafters who take Bieber in the first round are looking for lightning in a bottle... twice.
It may happen. Sure, it could.
The difference being that he will not be paired with a first round hitter.
The recipe that helped many Bieber drafters in 2020 is already skewed and flawed for 2021.
Bieber seemed to be faltering at the end of the year and got blasted in the playoffs.
Makes me wonder about the long haul of a six month season after dominating a two monther.

The same goes for Yu Darvish.
Only in Darvish case, I have even more of a problem.
Darvish is being selected in the second round.
This is as high as Darvish has been selected in his career.
It's true that Darvish had a dominant year, but can we expect another as good?
Especially in multiplying a two-month season by three times to a six month season?
Darvish seems like a trap to me.
His reward of being moved to the second round, too much.
He'll be 35 next year. 35.
His move up to the second round based on two months of productivity does not translate to a six month season a year later at his age.
Hard pass.

One more, and this is a stranger case.
This pitcher did not move up after a great year.
In fact, he disappointed his drafters, yet maintains second round status.
Well, wait a minute.....
Did Walker Buehler disappoint his drafters or did the Dodgers do that with their handling of Buehler?
The Dodgers treat Buehler like a fragile antique.
Almost as if wanting to admire Buehler more than, you know, use him.
For us, Buehler stays in the second round because of what he CAN do. Not, what he WILL do.
Buehler does not return second round numbers because the Dodgers refuse to take his diapers off.
He has never thrown 190 innings.
Get this...He won ONE game last year.
Because of this...he didn't average five innings per start.
Buehler, even in the playoffs, never got to throw over 100 pitches.
He threw almost as many playoff innings (25) as regular season innings (36)
Will the Dodgers take him out of his diapers?
If you're sure that the answer is yes, take him in the second round.
As for me, I don't know. I have doubts. Especially after a short season.
I don't like 'I don't know' and 'having doubts' in my second round pick.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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