Draft Dodgers

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Draft Dodgers

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Wed Dec 02, 2020 9:39 am

I've already done several drafts. I know the ADP and where each player should and should not fall.
Simple truth is....I LOVE THIS SHIT!
One of these years, I am going to wake up and lose the passion.
That day has not come yet.

Draft Champions allow for many, early drafts. So cool.
But along with every good comes a bad.
Same old story.
There are slow, slow drafters.
All kinds.
A guy in a current draft apologized and explained he was having sex.
Nobody cared.
As Mike Ditka would say, "Have sex on your own time!"
Although having sex is more entertaining of reasoning than a plain ol' 'In a meeting' or 'driving'.

One kind of drafter irritates me more than others.
Let's say that we get on a roll in a DC.
Five or six picks made in minutes.
We see the next few drafters up have their green lights on.
Awesome right?
Then, the fella who is on the clock takes off.
And disappears.
I call these drafters..."Draft Dodgers".
In reality, they want to mull their pick. They are unprepared. Or want to savor the moment.
Unfortunately, that 'moment' turns into minutes, which turns to an hour.
The Draft Dodger doesn't care.
He feels entitled.
His unpreparedness halts a swell draft.
If it were a minute draft, he would probably blurt out a name laughed at by fellow drafters.
In DC's however, he can put 14 others on hold while he "catches up".

DC's are made for busy folks. It gives them time to carry on with their lives while having the experience of drafting.
We can work, go to dinner, and have sex while on the clock.
So cool.
And everybody understands. Especially if explaining in chat.
It is still hard for me to understand the Draft Dodger.
He tells us nothing in chat. He simply hogs the clock as if it is all his.
If timing out, he simply takes himself off auto and does it again.

I keep a notebook of every draft done last year and this. I write down every drafter and every pick made.
I'm old school that way.
I put down notations as to drafters tendencies and notes.
It helps me avoid "Draft Dodgers" and drafters who feel 'entitled' to their time.
I looked back at the drafts from this past year.
And you know what?
Not one "Draft Dodger" cashed in my leagues. Not one.
That gives me hope.
While I'm waiting on a "Draft Dodger", I could at least tell myself that he is unprepared and will not vie for a league Championship.
In a way, they suck twice.
They suck at drafting timely...and they suck at drafting...period.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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Re: Draft Dodgers

Post by Thurman15 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 3:20 pm

Dan, you just hit on my one and only pet peeve in the NFBC. I just can't for the life of me, understand why drafters would do that. For those that might say " he payed his money, he is entitled to use all his time" I would respond that yes he CAN use all his time, on every damn pick, but it is very disrespectful of the others. It can happen to anyone one time, maybe twice, but I think we are talking about guys that consistently use all the allotted time, including timing out several times. If your life is busy and you have things to do, no problem, we all understand, but use your auto. As long as you have guys in your queue, it picks players that you LIKE and you WANT. And then the draft continues at a nice pace. The other thing is why not think about 2 or 3 players you want after making a pick. Then if 1 or 2 are snagged, you are still ready to pick. One drafter said I'm not using auto because although I'm busy, I might get back in time for my pick ??? OK....then if that happens just take yourself off auto when you back on your laptop. Personally I feel an obligation to pick in a timely manner and don't want to ever time out. For that reason I only go in the 30 minute drafts and MTM drafts. Mike keeps them rolling. But to each his own.....I just think each person should respect the time of the others in the draft. So in my opinion, you point is DEAD ON, Dan. Good post.
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Re: Draft Dodgers

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Thu Dec 03, 2020 12:27 pm

Most Draft Dodgers are unprepared. They'll never admit that.
They'd rather go with the entitlement arguments. But flat out, they're not ready.
They think they're ready to draft. Be it, their time put into study or the way they think a draft can work around their real life.
But, they're wrong.
I grit my teeth when they take the full clock.
Telling myself that Draft Dodgers are Hell to look at in a draft but Heaven in the Standings.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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