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The Who

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:53 am

Apologies to Pete, Roger, and the boys for the title....

Dinelson Lamet has been falling in drafts. He is falling because the Padres keep accumulating Starters, lending credence that the injury Lamet ended his year with in 2020, is feared more by fantasy drafters.
That said, I am in a draft. An amusing draft to me because a lot of drafters are fawning over Chris Liss. As far as I know, Chris Liss hasn't won a lot of NFBC leagues, but he is a celeb in our circles and is good for the NFBC game. The reason it is amusing to me is that KC Cha is also in this draft.
If we had current NFBC rankings right now, KC would probably be at the top.
So while everybody is paying attention to one, the other goes about his business.
I liken it to a bunch of folks going out in a motor boat for a ride on the ocean. They get star struck as they see dolphins jumping in unison on the left side unaware of the giant shark approaching on the right. But enough about that....

Anyway, Lamet falls to the ninth round. The drafter claims 'value'.
I don't beat the 'value drum' during drafts. Nobody wants to hear it.
If drafters think they get value in a draft, I won't burst their bubble.

What I find funny about draft day 'value' is the end result.
We quit caring about that 'value' as soon as it is done. We move on to the next pick. That pick is never thought of again. Especially as the draft season moves on and we do several more drafts.
And what about 'value' for the Main Event?
Forgotten. Seriously.
These are the first six players Jim Tomony picked in winning the Main Event last year.

Trea Turner
Shane Bieber
Yu Darvish
Brandon Woodruff
Manny Machado
Jose Abreu

These picks have been talked about quite a bit. All ...STERLING.
Jim has explained these picks a lot. I would too. :D
Folks have marveled that Jim picked these six wonderful players. Six players that KILLED IT during 2020.
But you know what?
Not one person asked if he got any 'value' in his picks.
We don't care.
It is better, so much better, to have VALUED picks over value picks.
In the end, it's the players selected that matter.
The WHO much outweighing the HOW.
If you beat ADP or jump ADP,... IT DOESN'T MATTER. The players are what is remembered.
Well that, and if being as successful as Jim, we will remember who picked those players as well. :D
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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