Thanks For the Memories

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Thanks For the Memories

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Thu Feb 25, 2021 8:27 am

It is awesome to bring a subject to the Message Boards that makes the Boards come alive again. For those relatively new to the Message Boards, this used to be the place to be. Heck, we had over 20 pages talking about just one player.
Gekko would bait folks.
Zola would have chats.
KJ would test new ideas.
In a word, it was entertaining.

As everybody knows, the Boards are no longer what they used to be. Social media has become the darling. The entertainment is there.
These boards have deteriorated into being the want ads for leagues.
A new person has to be so confused.
Imagine looking at the Message Boards and mostly seeing advertisements for what looks like 100 different leagues.
If the Boards have degenerated to this, why not make it easier these folks?
Have different headings for Main Events, DC's, Cutlines, etc so that these drafters can go straight to where they need to be.
Instead, our Main Page is a hodgepodge of leagues not yet filled.

Seeing two pages of conversation about an innings minimum was cool.
If anything, it bolstered the fact that folks do, indeed, check these Boards.
And even take the time to respond. I respect that, no matter which side of minimum we fell on.
Thanks to all who took the time to showcase their opinions.
It was a small glimpse of what these Boards used to be.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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Re: Thanks For the Memories

Post by Gekko » Thu Feb 25, 2021 8:45 am

it's a reasonable point, Dan. if i'm thinking about signing up for a league, i mostly check the lobby, which details the # of people signed up, their names, and ALL IN REAL-TIME. even though Gre/Tom/Darik all do their best to keep the MB signup lists as timely/accurate as possible, anyone relying on MB posts to view league availability is REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLY behind the curve (esp for leagues close to filling).

you are right, these MB use to be a thing of beauty, no matter which side of the aisle you were on. a lot of that had to do with the nfbc being in its infancy and folks giving their opinions on crating rules, contests, KDS, blind bidding on draft slots, etc. now that the nfbc is much more mature, there really isnt as much of a need (other than addressing covid impacts). plus, like you mention social media has taken over a lot of community talk

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