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Post by DOUGHBOYS » Fri Nov 12, 2021 10:43 am

I've participated in a few drafts already and have heard about more. One thing that is prevalent so far in these drafts is the need for speed.
In March, Starters will be pushed up like normal, but in November drafters are craving steals.
Myles Straw in the sixth round?
Tatis Jr. and Turner at the head of most drafts?
Trout falling to the second round?
These events are happening because of one category. Stolen bases.
Don't believe me?

Let me show you a player who has mostly broken hearts for six years.
This player has gotten a vote of no confidence from his own organization. In fact, right now he has no starting position to play for the upcoming year.
During his six years, he has averaged this fantasy slash...249/29/6/26/21
Except for stolen bases, those are Round 50 numbers.
Yet, we select him in the second and third round.
He is Adalberto Mondesi.

Mondesi is a 'If only' player. As in, if only he would stay healthy.
But as said, his own organization has lost hope in that happening.
Not us.
Here, he is a hit in the top 40.
We dismiss the fact that his number one skill is injury. He is wonderful at it.
His injuries never seem to be the same and they keep him from playing for long periods of time.

Mondesi has maxed out at 102 games played in a season.
He averages playing 57 games a season.
We don't care.
We don't care that availability is one of a players best abilities.
We care about the bags.
Mondesi averages more than a third of a steal with each game played.
Damn high in todays game where steals are almost frowned on.
More than that, Mondesi LOOKS to steal bases.
In watching a noted base stealer like Trea Turner this past year, he gave the impression that he could take or leave a theft.
He still gets his steals, sure, but now they are almost like gifts instead of being natural.

Without fantasy, there is not an electric player in the game standing on first base.
Ty Cobb was electric on first base.
Maury Wills was too.
Lou Brock.
Now. Nobody.

Stolen Bases are forgotten by most everybody except the fantasy community.
GM's look at stolen bases as a possible precious out.
Managers give green lights as a stingy miser gives big tips.
Most players have no inkling of stealing.
We haven't had a player steal 50 bases since 2017.
With 47 steals last year, Starling Marte stole more bases than the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds.
Rickey Henderson stole more bases in a year (130) than the leading team in baseball this year, Mondesi's Royals who had 124.
Heck, we don't even have judys in our game any longer.

The game has changed. And we're changing with it.
We know that Bags are in short supply.
And we demand them.
That is borne out by the way we are drafting and making a guy who misses more games than played, a second or third round pick.
As said, stolen bases are forgotten by everybody except the fantasy community.
We have to remember them.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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