Drafting in...August?

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Drafting in...August?

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Thu Aug 18, 2022 4:52 pm

I was both mortified and stunned when asked to draft a team for next year.
In August?
And of course I never hesitated in saying YES. :D

Rob DiPietro put together 15 drafters that were annoyingly on their game when it came to draft time. Most of these drafters were of the podcast ilk.
I am always amazed at how glib these folks are.
I think before I write.
These folks don't need to think before speaking. Wait...that didn't come across right. :D

The plan was to draft six rounds last night, then 44 in November.
That changed to seven rounds last night and 43 in November.
But with how much fun was had by all last night, I wouldn't be surprised if the 15 of us got together before November and hammered out a few more rounds.

But, you guys don't give a rats ass about all that. You just want to know who was selected. I know, I know.
Well ok, here we go. I'll give you one name. Mine. Concerning the drafters. But will share all the players selected.
I drafted fourth.
Here we go....

First Round

1. Trea
2. Shohei
3. JRam
4. Julio
5. Cole
6. Acuna
7. Judge
8. Tucker
9. Betts
10. Soto
11. Harper
12. Freeman
13. Burnes
14. Witt Jr
15. Cease

I took Julio because I believe in him. I think he'll only get better. For me, it came down to him or Soto.

Round Two

1. Vladdy
2. Alcantara
3. Yordan
4. Devers
5. Machado
6. McClanahan
7. Scherzer
8. Edwin
9. deGrom
10 Nola
11. Luis Bob
12. Riley
13. Woodruff
14. Wheeler
15. Urias

Nine pitchers taken this round. I was going to be one of those drafters, but felt that I really liked some of the pitchers that were coming a little later and felt Life With Riley ain't so bad.

Round Three

1. Story
2. Bichette
3. Clase
4. Lindor
5. Albies
6. St. Marte
7. Alonso
8. Jazz
9. Romano
10. Teo
11. Goldy
12. Gausman
13. Verlander
14. Altuve
15. Fried

Lindor was an easy pick for me.

Round Four

1. Liam
2. Tatis
3. Harris III
4. Semien
5. Castillo
6. Realmuto
7. Arenado
8. Hader
9. Mullins
10. Pressly
11. Arozarena
12. Musgrove
13. Bieber
14. Buxton
15. Olson

I had four names in mind when selecting Musgrove. A pitcher won out over taking Salvy and I hoped for Bieber or Manoah to come back.

Round Five

1. Robbie Ray
2. Yu Darvish
3. Sal Perez
4. Alek Manoah
5. Dev Williams
6. Strider
7. Helsley
8. T Anderson
9. Will Smith
10. Carroll
11. Rutschman
12. F Bautista
13. Jansen
14. Trout
15. Springer

Manoah made it back.
For a second, I thought about taking Trout, but figured we don't know much about his 'condition'.
Still, for a guy who hasn't had a big league at bat to be selected in front of the best player in baseball is a wonder.

Round Six

1. Rodon
2. Framber
3. Gimenez
4. Wander
5. Seager
6. Bednar
7. Peralta
8. Pasquantino
9. Dansby
10. Bogaerts
11. Hoskins
12. Webb
13. Polanco
14. Reynolds
15. Bryant

I wanted to take Raisel Iglesias. I figured others had 'forgotten' about him. With Webb there, I decided to take Webb and kinda hope that Raisel came back to me.
Whooda thunk that Wander and Gimenez would be taken back to back this year. I was almost nauseated by those that chose Wander and trumpeted that he would have first round numbers. Wrong.

Round Seven

1. Edman
2. Varsho
3. Raisel
4. Glasnow
5. Snell
6. Willson
7. Javier
8. Lodolo
9. Schwarber
10. Kirk
11. Gallen
12. Eloy
13. Cron
14. Melendez
15. Stephenson

I was ok with Raisel being selected in front of me. I wanted Glasnow badly and this just made it easier. I really don't know who I would have drafted had Raisel been there.
Crazy that five C were taken this round.
Personally, I don't think the reckoning of taking an above average C in the seventh round gibes with taking the speed of an Edman or the power of a Schwarbs.
BUT...That is why we draft....In August....We're such idiots about this hobby.

Comments welcome. Feel free to say anything!
It's August, we're all right in our opinions.... :lol:
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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