WANTED: "Classic" Roto Player-25+ year established league. Dec. 2023

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WANTED: "Classic" Roto Player-25+ year established league. Dec. 2023

Post by sethpoppel » Fri Dec 08, 2023 4:45 am

We have had a "classic-style" NL-only Rotisserie League for over 25 years. We normally have 10 players, but one of our group has “retired” and so we have an opening. I thought that, perhaps, someone from the NFBC group might have an interest. (or perhaps you know of someone.) The members are scattered all over the country and we do our auction online, usually towards the end of March. My son, Jared, can provide all of the details, but key features are that it is very similar in structure to the NFBC NL-only with 10 categories, except we use OBP instead of BA. There are 23 person rosters (2C, 13 position players and 10 pitchers total) and by the end of the season, from all 10 league members, between a league fee and transaction fees, there is usually $2500-$3000 in our “pot” (thus an average of $250-$300/player contributed depending on how active they are.) Jared is our commissioner and he does a meticulous job. There is no “bench” but we do have a “prospect” draft and each team can keep a total of 15 players between prospects and carry-over players. We have a weekly free agent selection process. It is heavily based on the original Rotisserie rules. Again, if you, or someone you know might be interested, please call Jared Poppel, Renton, WA (suburb of Seattle) at 1-425-466-9755. He can answer your questions and send you a copy of our constitution. Also, of note, is that the team this person would be taking over has NOT been “gutted”…the following players can be carried forward (many at VERY attractive salaries), depending on the new owner’s appraisal of their salaries and prospects:

Spencer Strider
Nolan Gorman
Xander Bogaerts
Francisco Alvarez
Keibert Ruiz
Seiya Suzuki
Jesus Luzardo
Mackenzie Gore
Raisel Iglesias
Max Meyer

and probably too expensive to keep but there are Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber and Freddie Freeman also on the Roster

Thank you, Seth Poppel, active NFBC player since 2004 and multiple Roto leagues. 1-425-466-9755

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