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Grumpy Stuff

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:39 am

I'm going to use this forum because hardly anybody checks here and some of the things said may be politically incorrect or things folks disagree with. Mostly, it is stuff that makes me grumpy. And, since there are less folks here, it won't piss as many people off...... :D

Death sucks.
Writers, patriots, poets, religionists, they all paint death as being romantic. Even embraceable.
A friend, 20 tears younger than I, died in a car crash, four years to the day. His wife was driving on a slick mountain road, the car careened off the highway, and his neck was broken. She was unharmed.
Since, his family blames her for the accident and has shunned her while she keeps the children away from visits with family.
A perfectly happy family, splintered by death.
I thought about that as I heard about Oscar Taveras death.
Death at a young age is not romantic. It's tragic.
We did not know Oscar Taveras. Still, we are affected.
We are cheated that we will never know whether he could have lived up to his promise as a ball player.
For us, his life is reading the first 100 pages of a potential great book, only to have the book distinegrate in our hands.
Death sucks.
And I hope at my funeral that somebody states that. That way, I'll know they really cared.


I'm not a 'fan' of any professional sports team. I say this up front because I do not want folks to think I am an Atlanta Falcons fan.
Sunday morning, the Falcons lost their football game. It came down to four seconds to go and Detroit lining up for the winning kick. The kick was missed, but referees ruled that the play clock had expired and that Detroit would be penalized, but have another chance to win the game. It is the way it has always been in football.
Penalties are meant to hurt the offending team. This penalty has the possibility of helping the penalized team and should be changed.
How should it be changed?
When a defensive team jumps offsides, a flag is thrown, but the offense gets a 'free play'. At the end of the play, the offense gets their choice of taking the penalty or result of the play. The same thing should happen if the ball is snapped after the play clock has expired. Penalties, in any sport should not work against the unpenalized team.


The press is at it again. It is the press quest to shorten baseball games.
Fans don't care about the length. They can leave games or tivo games.
The press have to stay for the whole game.
For years, they have been biting Major League Baseball to shorten games, thus shortening their hours.
I work in the press box, official scorekeeping rookie games. I hear their gripes, even at that level.
America has become a 'less work, more pay' country. I realize that.
But, putting a 20 second clock on a pitcher is not the way to do it. This is an experiment that MLB is trying in Arizona ball.
Clocks do not belong in baseball. Clocks are for press members to watch as the game is being played.
They wish they were somewhere else while doing their tasks.
While millions of other American baseball fans would love to have their jobs.
No matter how much time HAS to be spent at the ball park.


Somebody asked me about how I felt about the team nickname 'Redskins'.
I told him I never gave it a thought. I know there are groups of folks opposed to names like this.
I doubt that most, are even Indians. Probably these politically correct folks who are afraid of stepping on an ant while walking.
These folks are opposed to 'Redskins', 'Braves', 'Indians' or any name that insinuates a native American. They feel that it belittles them.
I don't see Cowboys getting pissed about their genre being used as a symbol by the Cowboys.
Senators in Washington did not care a bit that a local team used them as a mascot.
Why should Indians care?
And why is it ok to have 'Pirates' as a mascot? Or' Raiders'?
There are 'Pirates' and 'Raiders' to this very day that are boarding ships and doing unthinkable things to its passengers.
Why aren't these politically correct folks asking why Pirates and Raiders are being glorified?
To sports fans, it's just a name. Leave us be.


Each political season gets worse. We the public, are swamped with calls and advertising about who is running. For the most part, we don't care. Most of us will never remember the names we voted for, even just weeks after the election.
I am amazed at the seemingly endless budgets that these politicians have.
Every media outlet has ads from these fellas. Constantly.
I would vote for any candidate who says, he'll donate his budget to a charity instead of running constant ads.
They won't.
Our politicians do not have balls. They are puppets of their party.
And THAT is where the money is.
I can't think of one politician with balls.
We make a big deal of these elections and it all doesn't matter.
Both parties suck and the suckage is reflected in their candidates.
Wishy-washy panzies who follow the money and do what is best for THEM, not us.
And politically correct folks are worried about 'Redskins'.

Thanks for the listen.

Sorry, one more.
I am watching more and more sports with the sound turned down. And absolutely watch NO post game shows.
I really can't stand listening to today's formulated broadcasters.
Almost all of them sound the same. Almost all of them laugh at dumbass jokes. Especially, if it is their own.

Everbody seems to love Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football.
Drinking game- Slam one down every time Gruden says 'Has the presence'.
This has become my most unfavorite thing said by any broadcaster.
Example- A quarterback 'has the presence' to avoid a sack, 'and still' look down the field to make a play.
If we had Jon Gruden in our ear, hear is what some everyday moments would sound like.....

'He had the presence' to apply his brakes AND flip off the motorist who nearly cut him off!
'He had the presence' to meet a pretty girl at a bar AND give her his phone number!
'He had the presence' on their first date to get to first AND try for second!
There is no 'presence' involved! They are just doing their job!
Doing what comes natural!
I pick on Gruden, but it's the whole industry.
It is easier for announcers to over state a players worth rather than make any criticism.
In the end, we get a glossy '8x10' look at players.
We have to decide for ourselves what we are really seeing.
And that is why, my volume will be turned low.
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KJ Duke
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Re: Grumpy Stuff

Post by KJ Duke » Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:58 am

Well done Dan, on politics and its BS correctness.


One addendum, Ron Paul has balls ... but I guess he's not really a politician anyway, he's a legislator. We need more of those. Here is the conundrum ... personality types that want to be in the public eye by nature tend not to be independent thinkers. They thrive on approval, they want to fit in, so they do what gives them stature within their circles. And their circle is a mechinized system of corrupt, rationalizing, self interest.

On political correctness - if you look at society as a whole, generations tend to bounce between independent and comformist. The young 60's/70's generation, were independent. The millenials, or Gen Y, are very conformist. So it will probably get worse before it gets better.

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Re: Grumpy Stuff

Post by Edwards Kings » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:26 am

I will add the NCAA to the list of organizations who piss me off to no end. Johnny Manziel gets suspended for 1/2 game against that powerhouse RICE...HaHa Clinton-Dix, who was suspended midway through last season for two games but reinstated...Todd Gurley gets suspended for four road SEC games...garbage.

NCAA stands for Nefarious Corrupt Appalling Asshats.

Now you kids get off my yard!
Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn't lend itself to histrionics. You 'take in' a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, with the clock running and the bodies flying.
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Re: Grumpy Stuff

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:16 am

The elections are mercifully over.
The only folks left who likes these elections are the two parties and the media.
Their self-import rises to a level of low-level oxygen.
We, the people who are considered 'important' since we're doing the voting, are besieged by roto calls, nuisance flyers in the mail, and advertising that we sneer at.
Not a nice way to treat folks whose vote is coveted, is it?

We are the land of the free, but only rich people can run for high office.
That's not in the rules, it's just the way it is.
That bothers me.
Rich people are good with words.
So are con men.
When our forefathers built America, our leaders were trying to do what was best for America.
Now, we have 'leaders' who do what is best for their parties. Their parties got them elected and will possibly get them re-elected.
If politicians worked as hard in office as they do getting elected to office- And focused those energies on what is truly good for America, instead of what is good for their party, we would have a good political foundation.
But, they don't...and, we don't.

The elections are over and it looks like one party triumphed over a reeling party.
That party is saying that this will change things.
The media says this will change things.
It won't change things.
Politicians are like diapers. We need to change them. And for the same reasons too.
We voters take turns punishing one party for under performance. A cycle that seems endless.
Who won last night?
If listening to the media or one party, they'll say that one party won.
The real winners after every election is us.
No matter the winner, politicians will stop stalking us.
And more importantly, for two more years, we can forget just how bad our political system has become.
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Re: Grumpy Stuff

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:20 am

Adding one more thing.....
I think that it is cool that states are, in effect, going behind federal governments backs to get things done.
Our government rejects marijuana use. I don't smoke the stuff.
But, I don't drink either. And that's legal.
And I don't care if my neighbor is in his basement smoking weed. Or drinking a bottle of whiskey.
Colorado and Washington voters passed marijuana use. And take it from me, it wasn't just weed smokers who voted for the change.
And now, Oregon, Alaska, and even Washington DC has passed its use.
Marijuana is taxed up the wazoo. Those states make a lot of money.
The government won't even let pot shops use banks to deposit their money.
In their eyes, it is 'illegal'.
Voters in 'legal' states are thinking that its better not to raise taxes to pave our roads, it's better to let pot smokers pave them.
In effect, we are selling the drug and reaping the benefits from its users. Not drug dealers.
It works.
When more states pass legalization, the fed will change its thinking, if only to make some of the money the states are reeling in.

Also, the Fed is slow to raise minimum wage. Which is apropos in that they are never slow to raise their own salaries.
So, states put this to a statewide vote and a higher minimum wage is passed in most places.
Politicians are out of touch with such trivialities like a person ekeing out a living on little money.
A statewide vote delivers a big "F... You" to politicians that can't get it done on a smaller scale of 100 or 435 votes.
State-wide voting gives us hope that we can avoid Government gridlock by making our own damned decisions.
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