More uses for beer!

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More uses for beer!

Post by Edwards Kings » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:25 am

Saw this and thought it was funny because I cannot imagine having so much beer that I wanted to find more uses for it. He

Beer bath: Add two cups of beer to your bath to enjoy some healing effects. Hops have medicinal properties that are good for your skin. The beer bath is an efficient skin-softener, and it's even said to help with psoriasis and other skin ailments.

Stain remover: If you've made a mess on your clothing or rug, then dab it with a beer-soaked cloth. Let it sink in for a few hours, and then toss it in the washer.

Marinade: The slightly acidic properties of beer will tenderize meat without affecting too much of the flavor. Marinate the meat in beer for as little as a few hours or as long as a day.

Pest trapper: It's not just humans who enjoy guzzling beer; household pests do as well. Trap slugs and snails by placing dishes or jars of beer around your garden at night. You can even get rid of fruit flies by placing a jar of beer in your home, covering the top with paper, and poking a small hole in the paper cover. The flies will be lured into the jar but will be unable to make it out.

Gold jewelry cleaner: Soak your gold jewelry in beer, and then take it out and polish it lightly with a dry cloth.
Wood furniture brightener: Brighten up your dull wood furniture by rubbing it down with a cloth dampened with flat beer.

Beer batter: Leftover beer is great for cooking. There are so many recipes that call for beer batter, and they include beer battered onion rings, beer battered fish and chips — the list goes on.

All good, but can someone explain to me the concept of "leftover beer"?
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