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Current Events

Post by DOUGHBOYS » Wed May 16, 2018 9:32 am

Stuff in the news....

Why Robinson Cano, why?
In this day and age, when every athlete is concerned about what goes into his body, Cano makes up a doctor who prescribed bad stuff.
What doctor prescribes a masking agent, unless also prescribing something to mask?
It's too bad.
He had a lot of respect.
Most of that, now lost.

It was a good ride, AJ Pollock owners...
What is it about these injury-riddled players that makes them so consistent in getting hurt?
We say that it's bad luck. That the injuries are freak.
Yet, they seem to happen to the same players.
Jacoby Ellsbury and Troy Tulowitzki are washed up players who never truly got to show fans just how good they could have been.
A shame.

Of the 15 players that topped the NFBC ADP, Paul Goldschmidt would have been one of my last choices to be the worst of those 15.
Yet, here we are in the middle of May and Goldschmidt has been terrible.
.213/26/4/12/2 is a line that resembles Eduardo Nunez' .233/18/3/10/2
I know Paul Goldschmidt and I know Eduardo Nunez and I know that Eduardo Nunez is no Paul Goldschmidt.
The humidifier folks will beat their chests in saying they were right. But, the swamp cooler didn't stop AJ Pollock from putting up good numbers.
It may just be an off year or an elongated slump for Goldschmidt.
His owners are hoping for the former.
It is puzzling.

We are one quarter of the way through the season.
It is now too late to say it is still early.
For those that have good fantasy starts, maintenance is key.
For those slow in getting out of the gates, decisions have to be made.
Wholesale changes?
Different strategy?
Faith in players becomes a question mark.
I own Scott Kingery just about everywhere.
Believe me, I am starting to question whether he would have been better off starting his year in the minors.

First baseman, as a whole, have sucked this year.
Leading that suckage is the aforementioned Goldschmidt.
But he is not alone.
Owners expected a lot more from 1B....
Here are a few examples....

Rizzo- .202/18/6/23/1

Carpenter- .140/12/3/13/0

C Davis- .170/7/4/13/0

Morrison- .195/14/4/13/0

We can also add Cody Bellinger who is getting beat in four of five categories by Brandon Belt.
And Carlos Santana who is still riding the interstate with a .196 batting average.

Matt Adams, CJ Cron, and Belt have been pleasant surprises.
But there is no first baseman that is having a wow type of year.

Khris Davis, most likely, becomes a U only player next year.
I wonder how far that will drop him in drafts, no matter his power.
In some instances, position is all powerful.
Buster Posey is taken 20 rounds before Joe Mauer.
Posey- .310/17/2/15/2
Mauer- .282/18/1/10/0
In Davis case, I believe he will fall a couple of rounds.
Fantasy owners are like American League Managers in that most like rotating the U spot as a Manager likes rotating their DH spot.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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