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If a member of the NFBC for any length of time, from the subject title, you probably know what this post is about. :lol:

Since the inception of the NFBC, any playoff game at the end of the season has counted in our fantasy season.
This playoff game is not a playoff game to us.
It is an extra regular season game.
Or, Game 163.

In the beginning, I didn't mind the Game 163 stats counting. Even in 2007 when I lost money because of the game, I was still for it.
But later, I got a call from a player who I befriended in DC's.
The season had just ended, Game 163 included.
He told me about how excited he was to win $1,000 in a DC. How spending $150 on fantasy baseball was a lot of money to him.
He had sweated out the final week after grinding all year in finalizing his lineups.
He thought he had a Championship. But he didn't.
Being relatively new to the NFBC, he didn't realize playoff games counted.
His team had no players in Game 163. His rival did.
He ended up in second place.
He told me he felt cheated. He had worked hard six months, only to have it taken away by the luck of one game.
I felt badly for him.
Since then, I have advocated to remove Game 163.

Greg likes to say that this game counts as regular season stats so it must be added to our seasonal stats.
We don't use every seasonal stat.
We even bench some of our best players when they're not performing well, in NOT using their stats.
Our end of season stats for most players look nothing like the real players stats.
We pick and choose what we feel is best for our teams.
Heck, Shohei Ohtani owners have to CHOOSE each week in which stats they can use from Ohtani.
Ohtani's totals at the ned of the season will in no way look like his owners statistics.

We're in FANTASY baseball.
We play two Catchers at once!
We play five Outfielders!
Nine Pitchers!
In no way are we much like real baseball.
We make up our own fantasy rules.
Yet, the argument is that we must use every statistic.
Some teams in real baseball will play as few as 160 games. Most will play 162 games.
There is no squawking from us about this. It is what it is.
Yet, a game 163 'must' be added?
There really is no 'must' here.

Greg had a survey sent out. It stated that we had Game 163 since the NFBC inception.
We were to vote on whether to keep Game 163 or not.
Keeping Game 163 passes by a small margin.
It really meant little.
I know of only a handful of folks who are adamant about keeping Game 163. Far more that want to rid ourselves of it.
The problem with a survey like this is this.
Let's say 30 percent are vocal in getting rid of Game 163
And five percent are the opposite.
This leaves 65 percent who are fence sitting or really, just don't care.
It is natural for the majority of this group to vote for Game 163.
Leadership Bias.
Look, we all trust in Greg to do the right thing. And he usually does.
When something like this vote occurs, those that don't have any skin in the game will side with a good leader.
It's perfectly understandable.

The five percent who like Game 163 feel it gives them an edge.
They'll FAAB a player a or two who may be in a playoff game.
Understandable. And they'll say it adds intrigue to the game.
Also understandable.
But, on top of the rule being inherently unfair, it is specifically unfair to non-FAAB leagues who have no such intrigue or edge in playing draft and hold.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!

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Gone Baby Gone

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