7 Spots Left: Monday 12/4, 10 pm ET RotoWire Online Championship #1

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7 Spots Left: Monday 12/4, 10 pm ET RotoWire Online Championship #1

Post by Darik B » Sat Nov 25, 2023 11:00 am

Welcome to the 16th season of the Rotowire Online Championship!!

We have had 15 different overall champions during our first 15 seasons, so we must ask the question before this season: Will we get a 16th new overall champion or will we have our first repeat Rotowire Online Championship champion? Only time will tell, so let's play the games!!!

This year we are again offering a record $150,000 grand prize in the Rotowire Online Championship. We'll pay the Top 2 in each league again this year, with the league champion earning $1,400 and the runner-up earning $700. There are no Rules Changes to this contest this season.

We'll offer Rotowire Online Championship leagues most nights going forward, with nightly and even daily offerings in December through March. All Rotowire Online Championship leagues use the 1 minute per pick format; we DO NOT run slow drafts for this format. With $150,000 on the line, all leagues must have the same pressure-cooker decisions when making picks. Good luck and enjoy.

Okay, let's kick off the season with the first draft of the season on Monday, December 4th at 10 pm ET. PLAY BALL, as they say!!! Are you ready to win this $150,000 grand prize before the ADPs are even formed? Great, then join us.

If you need more info on this contest, here's the Contest link and Lobby link:


We have 3-Pack, 6-Pack and 9-Pack discounted packages on Registration. Just pull down Special Packages to Rotowire Online Championship and make your selection. You can always select a date of TBD (To Be Determined) and pick the date and time of your drafts later. To change a TBD entry, go to your My Teams page, click on the gear icon, select a date and time and hit Save. The control is all in your hands.

Okay, let's get the season started. Here's the latest Rotowire OC availability:

2024 RotoWire Online Championship
Monday, December 4
***Monday Nitro #1; if you are in this draft & it fills, you will receive a $50 promo code to use on any other NFBC 2024 contest***
10 pm ET
1. Bradley Willis
2. Danny Bronski
3. Steven Metzler
4. David Arnoldy
5. winston guest

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