NFBC Has New Apparel Site With More Options For 2024

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NFBC Has New Apparel Site With More Options For 2024

Post by Greg Ambrosius » Thu Dec 07, 2023 10:17 am

Okay, I know you've heard this before, but the NFBC has a new apparel site for 2024!!

This is actually our third site in the last three years, but we think we've found a company that will provide everything we need for our NFBC and NFFC customers and has the biggest array of products we've ever had. You can check it out here:

Also, through December 22nd there is a 15% discount offer. Just use promo code: NFC15

SquadLocker will ship directly to you and the site is so easy to use. Just click on any item and you will have a choice of colors, choice of sizes and choice of either an NFBC or NFFC logo. They are easy to switch out and we'll add NFBKC and NFHC logos soon as well. You can even personalize items with your name, Team name or Message Board name if you'd like, and a number. It's much more customizable than what we've had before.

We liked the products from our two previous apparel sites, but the first one had a more limited list of products (no polo shirts) and shut down in 2022. The Logo Sportswear site we used last year for our 20th anniversary NFBC items is still active and you can still order products there, but that one also had limited items and was a little tougher to work with the different logos we wanted to use. This site actually allows the users to see the product and customize with the logo they want and much more.

Also, we've upgraded all of our logos with the original colors, shield and font. This is our NFBC and NFFC logos going forward, so all of our apparel needed an upgrade, too. Hope you like it.

Check it out and if you need to buy yourself a final Christmas present, order now, get 15% off and enjoy the NFBC or NFFC item that will be arriving soon. Thanks all.
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